The South Korean Embassy has appointed Travel 360 Pte Ltd to submit visa applications on the applicant’s behalf. Travellers who wish to enter Korea after November 22, 2021 should do so us. We can help with the application procedure for the Tourist Visa to South Korea
A smooth visa application to South Korea process necessitates a thorough awareness of the step-by-step lodging procedure as well as the required set of documents. We ensure that all of your forms are in the correct order and completed according to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea’s guidelines, based on our years of experience. This reduces the chances of a visa rejection.

Step 01

Check to see if your country is on the list of countries that have a visa-free travel agreement with South Korea. Due to the present COVID-19 situation, the visa waiver for nations under the visa-free regime would be stopped until further notice.

Step 02

Singapore passport holders and foreigners with long-term residence in Singapore can apply to the Korean Embassy (DP, Student Pass, EP, WP, and LTVP). Those wishing to enter South Korea should do so through a travel agent appointed by the South Korean Embassy.  The South Korean Embassy has appointed Travel 360 Pte Ltd  to submit visa applications on the applicant’s behalf.

Step 03

Check to see if your passport has at least one blank page. From the date of exiting South Korea, the passport must be valid for at least six months.

Step 04

Download all forms in the links and fill them up for submission at our office. Do email us the completed set of documents for vetting. Due to the current covid situation, an appointment will be required after we acknowledge that all documents are in order before allowing a physical appointment for the submission of visa application documents

Points to Note

Short Term Tourism Visa

  • Points to Note
    Short Term Tourism Visa
  • Processing time: 4 to 7 working days. No urgent/express service
  • Please submit your application through Travel 360 once we have vetted all documents are in order through email to
  • We do not provide status updates on your application. You will know the result of your application on the scheduled collection date.
  • Visa fee: Please email us once documents have been completed as different nationalities have various charges in accordance with the South Korean Embassy
  • If approved, a single-entry visa valid for 3 months will be issued. The entry visa period is at the discretion of the Korean Embassy.
  • All forms have to be signed in ink, digital signatures and digital passport photos printed on the visa application form will NOT be accepted, original documents such as passports, and required documents will be needed upon submission for verification by the Korean Embassy
  • Please note that the issue approved visa upon the collection of your documents is an A4 sized visa that must be shown as part of the entrance requirements upon arrival in Korea.

Documents Required

  1. Visa application form with one passport photo taken against white background

      ※ Fill in your name as per your passport

      ※ Application will be rejected if there is missing/incorrect information.


  1. Passport with at least 6 months remainder validity (original and copy of bio-data page)


  1. NRIC / EP / Spass / WP / LTVP / DP (original and copy)

     ※ For work passes issued with QR code, you are required to use “SGWORKPASS” app to obtain your pass information. A clear printout of the scan result obtained within recent 1 week must be submitted.


  1. Re-entry permit (applicable to PR only)


  1. Health Condition Report Form (to be completed by the applicant)


  1. Agreement to facility quarantine (to be completed by the applicant)

     ※ To be completed even if you are travelling via VTL or eligible for quarantine exemption.


  1. Choose one of the following: 

     ⓐ Letter issued by Singapore company to verify your employment status such as designation, salary, date of hire,date and purpose of visit to South Korea (original and issued within recent 1 month)

          ※ LOC (Letter of Consent) issued by MOM is required if you are LTVP / LTVP+ holder.


     ⓑ If you are self-employed:  latest printout of ACRA biz profile 


     ⓒ If you are a student: School letter stating name, passport no. and student status (original and issued within recent 1 month)


     ⓓ If you are unemployed:  

          (i) Spouse’s company letter, spouse’s passport (copy) and English marriage certificate (original and copy) 

         (ii) Child’s company letter, child’s passport (copy) and child’s English birth certificate (original and copy)

         (iii) Parent’s company letter, parent’s passport (copy) and child’s English birth certificate (original and copy)

         (iv) Child’s school letter, child’s passport (copy) and child’s English birth certificate (original and copy)

         (v) Sibling’s company letter, sibling’s passport (copy) and both applicant and sibling’s English birth certificate (original and copy)

         ※ Birth/marriage certificate that is not available in English must be translated into English and endorsed by the issuing country’s Embassy/High Commission in Singapore.


  1. Recent 3 months Singapore bank account statements / passbook (original and copy) / e-statements

     ※Credit/debit card statements will not be accepted.

 9. Agreement to VTL Terms and Conditions (applicable if you are travelling to Korea via VTL)

Step 05

Check whether you have at least one empty page in your passport. The passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of exiting South Korea.

Step 06

Once you have emailed all the forms required and received our confirmation that all documents are in order.
Email us @ to book a physical collection date for all the physical forms and documents required for Visa submission

Or alternatively, you can end them by your own courier to our office located at 171 Tras Street #05-173 Union Building Singapore 079025 at your stipulated physical appointment time

Due to covid measures, we reserve the right to reject your submission should you miss your stipulated appointment time

Step 07

Before travelling to South Korea – what you need to know:

  • Download the Self-Check App .
  • Or alternatively you can end them by your own courier Travellers must purchase travel insurance with a minimum coverage of 30 million won (approximately SGD 34,000) for COVID-19 related medical/treatment expenses and hospitalisation cost. The traveller must carry a physical copy of the insurance policy when travelling to Korea.
  • Undergo a COVID-19 PCR test before departure. You may take the pre-departure PCR test at a MOH-approved test provider (see list) . The PCR test result must be issued within 72 hours of departure (entering Korea via airport) or within 72 hours of boarding the vessel bound for Korea (entering Korea via seaport).

Step 08

Once your Visa is ready for collection, we will email you the stipulated collection date and time at our office
Do not have time to collect your passport? Let us save your time and money and deliver it to you for as low as SGD 30.00. Please, enquire at the time of submission or over the phone.

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